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Regarding the use of personal information submitted through this form.

Chateau Katsunuma Corp. takes into account the importance of protecting personal information, and strives to protect our customer’s privacy through protecting the Act on the Protection of Personal Information as well as our privacy policy.

Definition of Personal Information

Personal information is information relating to a specific individual and refers to information such as name, date of birth, gender, telephone number, e-mail address, occupation, place of work, and any other information that can be used to identify that individual.

Gathering/Use of Personal Information

At Chateau Katsunuma we gather and use your personal information only for and within the scope of the following items. Our gathering/use of personal information relates to information that you provide to us unprompted, should you provide us with your personal information we understand it as that you agree to our use of your personal information.

  • Work required to deliver products you have ordered
  • Provision of news regarding new products, or other information that is of value to you
  • Enquiries and confirmations required in the course of work, as well as assessment of opinions to help improve our service.
  • The varying types of enquiries
Provision of Data to Third Parties

At Chateau Katsunuma, we will not provide or reveal your personal information to any third parties without your prior consent or unless there is a justifiable reason, such as one with legal basis.

Direction of Subcontractors

In the course of providing you with products or services, in some cases it may be necessary for a part of your personal data to be given to a subcontractor. Should that be the case, we will manage the subcontractor to ensure that your personal information is handled appropriately.

Management of Personal Information

In order to prevent leaks, losses, or damage of personal information we have appointed a supervisor in charge of managing the safety of personal information management, and strive to protect the safety of said information. In addition, we manage the personal information to which we are entrusted appropriately in order to ensure that it is kept correct and up to date.

Inquiries, Correction, and/or Deletion of Personal Information

We are able to swiftly take measures to answer inquiries, correct, or delete your personal data within reason should we receive a request from you and providing we are able to confirm your identity.